International Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Submit Manuscript

    About IJSRHC

    International Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care is an open access, peer reviewed and a global journal. The journal is dedicated to its readers as an authoritative resource disseminating scientific information about sexual and reproductive health care related to men and women. Sexual health of human beings plays a vital role in the continuation of human race and its superiority amongst other species. Reproductive health care has a broad social aspect and helps eradicate long term poverty of a country.

    The journal’s goal is to fulfil all the attributes of open access journal and provide more and more citations for authors. The distinguished board of editors provide a complete review of the manuscript to scrutinise the content of research work. Once accepted the manuscript is published within a week’s time. The journal thrives hard to provide updated and relevant information in a timely manner to help clinical and basic researchers in their endeavours towards quality research.

    The journal understands and puts efforts to cover almost all the buzz in the science world including a new debate on CRISPER/Cas9 gene editing system. The ultimate purpose is to facilitate development of science for the greater benefit of the mankind and to develop more accurate techniques in Reproductive Health Care than the prevailing techniques.