Studies on Stem Cells Research and Therapy Submit Manuscript

    About SSCRT

    Stem cells can be considered as the foundation cells for every organ and tissue in our bodies due to its two key abilities- a. the ability to self-renew, dividing in a manner that makes copies of themselves.  b. Ability to differentiate, giving rise to the mature types of cells that make up our organs and tissues.

    Studies on Stem Cells Research and Therapy (SSCRT) is an open access, peer reviewed journal of Peertechz Publications Pvt. Ltd. The journal publishes articles on all aspects of basic research on stem cells and their uses in clinical therapy. The articles published in SSCRT provide great clarity to patients, scientists and clinicians regarding stem cell therapies and treatments for a variety of medical conditions. SSCRT provides a unique opportunity to publish translational research into stem cell therapies.

    SSCRT distributes open access articles with an exceptional attention on essential, translational and clinical exploration into undeveloped cell therapeutics with an ability to pool and objectively evaluate stem cells interventions.